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TRACKSPACK is 101 original pro-quality background music tracks with a very liberal usage license. Ranging from 50 seconds to almost 4 minutes long, these background tunes are perfect for videos, websites, presentations, commercials, games & apps!

Earn 50% Commission On Every Order
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101 Background Music Tracks For Your Videos
101 Background Music Tracks For Your Website
101 Background Music Tracks For Your Games
101 Background Music Tracks For Your Apps
101 Background Music Tracks For Your Presentations
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Offers like this don't come around every day. Quality background music audio tracks for your projects are hard to find for a reasonable price.

If you create videos, presentations, apps or video games, you need to have good background music. Background music sets the tone for your video or product -- exciting or calm... active or passive... even on-hold music on your phone system can set the mood of your customer.

But you don't want to use top 40 songs or audio you download randomly from Google. People are being fined thousands of dollars every day for copyright violations. Don't believe me? Read about a $150,000 fine for using a song in a simple wedding video here: [[Insert your link here]]

You need LEGAL LICENSED background tracks.

Today, you are being presented with the unique opportunity to download 101 pro-quality background music MP3s for pennies on the dollar.

These audio tracks will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars if purchased through traditional stock websites.

Think about how powerful that is... Other companies are paying thousands for the audio licensing you are going to get today.

[[Insert your link here]]

This is a very straightforward chance for you to get legal music your business will need now and for years to come.

The best part is you are getting a lifetime license. These MP3s become an asset in your business instantly.

[[Insert your link here]]

These guys have a team of people on staff creating things like audio tracks every day. Maybe your business can't justify paying for a team, but you can certainly take advantage of theirs.

Have a great day :-)

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